Applied Neurodegeneration Research

About the Fox Laboratory

Dr. Jonathan Fox leads the research group. We study molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration particularly in the context of Huntington’s disease (HD). We work primarily with genetic mouse models of HD. We use a variety of approaches to elucidate disease mechanisms including anatomic studies using stereology, behavioral analyses, biochemical approaches. These are used in the context of interventional studies by nutrition, genetic manipulation, or experimental drug therapies. We also work with cell culture models of HD, human blood, and brain tissue samples obtained at autopsy. Other areas of interest are autonomic degeneration in dogs and horses, and metagenomic approaches for disease diagnosis.


We currently have two active collaborations. In collaboration with Dr. Gigley in the Department of Molecular Biology, we are studying mechanisms by which latent brain infection with Toxoplasma gondii promotes neuroinflammation and degeneration in mouse models of HD. In collaboration with Dr. Baskaran in the School of Pharmacy, we are studying mechanisms by which iron interferes with mitochondrial energy metabolism.

Jonathan FoxDr. Fox is a professor within the Department of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Wyoming. His PhD research training was at Virginia Tech under Drs. Marion Ehrich and Bernard Jortner. He obtained post-doctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital under Dr. Steven Hersch. When he is not engaged in research he is active as a pathologist in the Wyoming State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. He also teaches undergraduate and WWAMI first year medical students.